Порноактер jeff stailer

Jeff-stryker.com. Джефф Страйкер (урождённый Чарльз Каспер Пейтон) — американский порноактёр и режиссёр. В отличие от большинства порнозвёзд приобрёл известность, снявшись менее чем в 100 порнофильмах.

Кроме того известен тем, что являлся полнодиапазонным порноактёром. These are not in the same league as hardcore porno films Featuring: Lee Abel, Sandy Sinclair, June Roberts, Jeffrey Niles, Warrene Gray.

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Choice, GREEN ON RED – Too Much Fun, JEFF HEALY BAND – Jeff Healy Seller, PORNO FOR PYROS – Porno For Pyros, THE POSIES – Frosting on. Jeannette Lee Jeff Beck Jeff Porcaro Jeff Young Jennifer Chambers Mandell Porno For Pyros Prefab Sprout Prestige Pretenders Prince.

JOE HENRY SEVEN PERCENT SOLUTI RENTALS JEFF ROBINSON TRIO DE PORNO OPERATION RE-INFORMA PRESSGANG CROWN ROYALS. That is not to say that it isn't worth watching, because it has some interesting things to offer. Mainly the hard-core gay porno spliced in with the.

Damn, think you could keep the porno stuff after the cut? This video was AMAZING, and Jeff Stryker deserves an Oscar for his roll. Bruce La Bruce, Wash Westmoreland (Squishy Does Porno and later Quincinera), Mardi Gras), black independent New Orleans video artists King Jeff & El.